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The history of formation of the CCI RM started in April, 1993 when 15 enterprises and organisations of the Republic of Mordovia established the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Mordovia as a structure promoting the unit of the enterprises during the difficult period of transition to market economy and development of civilised relations in sphere of business.

All these years the CCI RM completed successfully its major mission - promotion of development of economy of the Republic.

Accumulated experience of active participation in the decision of social and economic problems of the Republic of the CCI RM testifies that the CCI RM is today for entrepreneurs the important instrument at the creation of favourable conditions of development of their business, formation of modern industrial, financial and commercial infrastructure. The CCI became an important link between business community and public authorities of the Republic.

In process of time the tasks and directions of activities of the CCI RM was changed, but one of these was unchanged - a regular job on improvement of quality and increase of quantity of the services for entrepreneurs. There are inspection of quality and quantity of the goods, registration of certificates of origin, development of investment projects, business education for entrepreneurs, exhibition and fair activities etc.

The CCI RM successfully develops activities on interregional and international cooperation for the internal and external market promotion of the goods and services of enterprises of the Republic, promotes development of export of goods and services and attraction of investments for economy of the Republic. You can receive more detailed information about the services and structural divisions of the CCI RM from other sections of our site.

The CCI RM has own building with the developed infrastructure, powerful organisation and technical resources and professional personnel potential. We feel certain, that all will allow the CCI RM to make a contribution to further development and prosperity of Mordovia.